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Flava News was established in February of 2007, under the umbrella of Flava Coffee House, Seattle, WA (June 2003-2008).  During the years of the coffee house Susan Koshi aka Lady Flava established herself as a true cheerleader of the unknown artists of all art forms.  Hosting her first event under the name of On The 1 Productions with 3 other partners, was a jazz cruise on the Puget Sound.  She was a well established and sought after book reviewer of minority literature, servicing mostly African American self published authors.  March of 2008 she hosted a national literary conference that gain recognition and support of the Mayor's Culture Affairs & Arts Office.  During the days of Flava Coffee House she hosted a very diverse open mic every  Friday called "Flava of Expression" to selling a variety of art and art forms at the coffee house.  Flava Coffee House became the home away from home for many eclectic and creative souls.

In June 2008 Lady Flava made the business decision to close the doors of Flava Coffee House in North Seattle.  Although the physical building no longer exists, the love and passion for the arts was established within her walls and grew into what is now as Flava News/Flava News Radio.

Taking her love and passion of the arts she step out on the journey to find ways to support the unknown artists.  Lady Flava hit the social networks hard and found herself starting her own online radio show  in November of 2009, FCH206 Radio which hosts a variety of shows under it's umbrella.  All the shows feature only the music of underground/independent artists or talk shows on subjects pertaining to the artistic industry.  Check out FCH206 Radio at:

Lady Flava and Flava News is committed to exploring creative ways and connections with a variety of resources to continue to open the doors for positive exposure.   See Flava Coffee House/FMarlex Artist Consulting Services for more information regarding these services and opportunities:

In 2011 Lady Flava joined the Marles Records Team initially as Business Manager which soon grew into VP of Marlex Records working closely with Owner/Ceo Marc VanClaggett.  Stay updated with Marlex Records at:​

Her passion of the arts  and artists is always felt.  The goal is to create win win relationshpis with Artists, Fans, Community and Sponsors as she seeks opportunites for Artists to Shine!   Lady Flava has gained the respect and recognition of many of her peers and more established members of the entertainment/arts community across the globe.   In 2016, Lady Flava has expanded her relationships and projects which includes TopNotchIndie Artists along with Stellar Entertainers and Shows.  See You Are A Star Entertainment:

Stay connected to Flava News and explore the talents that have become family with this grassroots movement.

Lady Flava established the phrase during the days of Flava Coffee House, as it still represents the sentiments of Flava News...

Flava is a taste, a style, a feeling...What's your flava?

Susan "Lady Flava" Koshi
Flava News Movment Founder