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​Lady Flava's Bio​

Susan "Lady Flava" Koshi came on the scene of the arts and entertainment community through her coffee house, Flava Coffee House 2003-2008.  This is where her passion for the arts and understanding of her power was discovered as a person that had a voice and presence in bringing recognition to a variety of creative souls near and far.  She was titled the "Artist Cheerleader" as "Lady Flava" was birth along with becoming very popular in reading and reviewing African American Literature.  Lady Flava also provided a space in her coffee shop for creative souls to sell their art from books, cd's, painting and jewelry just to mention a few items you could find within Flava's colorful walls.


Lady Flava hosted her first event 2004 with 3 others, "A Grown Folks Cruise on The Spirit of Puget Sound" to hosting weekly open mics at Flava Coffee House along with hosting and receiving a City of Seattle Cultural Arts Grant to put on a National Literary Conference in 2008. 


After closing the doors of Flava Coffee House, her passion for supporting the arts and artists grew.  Lady Flava has a wealth of knowledge in working directly with the independent arts and entertainment scene.  Her growth has also come from her business mentors, industry mentors, workshops, research and working in a variety of positions pertaining to the arts and entertainment.  Now everything she does continues to be done under the umbrella of Flava Coffee House, LLC.


Accomplishments and Projects:


  • FCH206 Radio-Seattle, WA 2009-Present (Host & Owner)
  • Unity Through Artists Exchange 2011-Present (Co-Founder)
  • VP of Marlex Records 2011-Present (Business Management)
  • Director of A&R at Spectra Music Group 2012-2014
  • FMarlex Artist Consulting (Flava Coffee House, LLC) 2013-Present (Artist Coach & Consultant)
  • Sherry Gordy Presents 2015-2016 (Promotions & Co-Founder/Co-Host of Sherry Gordy Presents Cyber Party)


Representative for:

  • Lamont Carey-Social Justice Activist, Author, Mentor/Educator, Rebranding Expert (2005-Presents)
  • Alvin L.A. Horn-Author, Spoken Word Artist, Musician, Mentor (2007-Present)
  • Black Stax Hip Hop/Soul (2009-Present)
  • Marc VanClaggett-Musician, Producer, Marlex Records Independent Record Label Owner (2011-Present)
  • "Tribute" A Salute To The Temptations-International Entertainers (2015-Present)


    Susan "Lady Flava" Koshi

    Flava Coffee House, LLC/FMarlex Artist Consulting Services